1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

1978 El Dorado

1978 El Dorado

Ray’s dad bought this ’78 Eldorado new in 1978  and tried to give to Mom. She wouldn’t drive it because she ‘didn’t want a car that cost more than her first house’. Dad passed and since mom would have it, Ray Jr. got the  Eldorado (and his wife does the driving !). Mom got a smaller car.

BensenvilleCrusieNight-_MG_8103-EditIt has 27,000 original miles. Everything is power – windows, doors, seats. A press of the door button turns on  the interior lights! The car is all original except for paint and tires, which had dry rotted.

Ray Sr paid it off in 11 months so there was no interest charge. The sticker is coming out small; the original price was $ 18,376 in June of 1978.

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