Forest Park Cruise Night 7-10-2012 post

Very pleasant weather for the second week of July Cruise Night in Downtown Forest Park. The lot at Constitution court filled up late.

My ‘story’ from this show is about Don Carter’s 1926 Model T Ford. In a 2010 Veteran’s Day 2010 video interview with Don at Scoville Park, he said “my only [WWII) service outside this country was in Texas” and see videos of songs covered by the band Smith & McMahon.

The gallery of my event photos is here.

Please read on to learn about Don and his ‘T” and listen to YouTube videos of some songs that Smith and McMahon covered.

Don’s car is a black 1926 Model T Ford. Two options available in 1926 were basic and ‘electric option’. The basic model cost $ 290 and the ‘electric was $ 375. The basic model had only a hand-crank starter but the extra $ 85 got you an electric starter, a battery (also used for lights) and a generator for the battery.  Don is an interesting gentleman who served Stateside in World War II. Click here for more on the ‘T’ and links to two video interviews with Don.

The band Smith & McMahon belted out some tunes even I had to research to find the original artists. Of course I recognized songs by Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash & June Carter, the Beatles, the Everly Brothers and Chuck Berry; but I was stumped by False Hearted Girl by Ella Mae Morse (who?) and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Here are famous artists YouTube videos of some songs we heard.

  • Walk Right Back by The Everly Brothers
  • Honey Don’t by Carl Perkins
  • Little Sister by Elvis Presley
  • Memphis by Chuck Berry
  • Please Please Me by The Beatles
  • False Hearted Girl by Ella Mae Morse and Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

From Set 1

From Set 2

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