Duke’s Diner Photos 9-15-2012



My photo gallery for the Cruise Night is at this link and this is my original blog post.

My first visit to Duke’s was a great experience; it’s the same night as one of my favorites (Lombard) but has a longer season so I plan to return. This event had some great classics (OMG, I’m calling Fords & Chevys, that flourished in my lifetime,’classic’), muscle cars and many drag race cars. There was a helluva lot of noise from cars arriving, leaving and just revving.

This event, Duke’s Diner’s drag race night, had more significance that I just learned moments ago (4-17-12) by e-mail that the event was a tribute to a popular ‘car guy’, Marty Bilecki, Jr. Please read this page about him. After the car business, Marty went into sound mixing and worked with some artists whose music was part of many Cruise Nights I shot during the 2012 season.

Now my 2012 season backlog is 1,727 photos from only 6 events. I have uploaded 7,010 photos in galleries of which I estimate over 6,600 are images from 2012.

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