1966 Dodge Charger

Don’s family was living in California and Mom needed a car. She liked this one and dad bought it for her on the spot in Burbank, California, where Don grew up. Dad didn’t even haggle over price! When she drove it, Mom was called ‘the little old (gray haired) lady from Pasadena’. After she passed, Dad took his RV and gave Don the keys to the Charger. Don brought it to Oak Park along Route 66. It’s kept in the garage, which was Dad’s only condition.

The Charger has a 383 cubic inch engine, 105,000 miles and ‘still runs good’. One of Dad’s secrets to keeping it running was to ‘change the oil regularly and it will last forever’.. ‘Father Knows Best”. It has air conditioning, power windows and power steering. The brakes were upgraded in Oak Park to dual master cylinder with power.

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