1955 Ford Customline

This light green Ford has been part of Sal and Dee’s (whose first car was a Henry J)  family for 27 years, but he was an over-the-road trucker so the car just started to get out when he retired. They take it to Cuise Nights and shows. In the nearly three decades of ownership, Sal estimates they’ve added 10,000 miles (total original miles on the odometer are 51,000).  The motor (a 272) and body are original, but Sal preferred a different color when it was repainted; and the upholstery was changed to go with the new paint.

Sal chose this vehicle because he’d had one when he was a kid. A buddy was reading the paper when he saw an ad for this Customline. This vehicle has no power steering, no power brakes, no power windows, no power locks,  no air condiioning. The Customline was the basic model of the 1955 Ford Line.



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