1955 Buick Century Wagon

I noticed this beautiful Buick Century wagon as I passed the Downers train station. Frank ‘drives’ it as he’s put 40,000 miles on the car with trips to Atlanta, Kansas City, Detroit, Des Moines. The four’ holes’ in the fenders indicate it has a bigger motor, 322 cubic inches delivering 236 horsepower, than the 1955 Buick Special (which has the same paint scheme!). The transmission is a Dynaflow which doesn’t actually shift (See_df) during acceleration rather it relies on a variable pitch torque converter, which took the place of the clutch. Buick was first with a variable pitch torque converter. New for 1955 was a passing gear, engaged by flooring the accelerator.

Sure there are photos and I have linked a TV Promo from 1955 for a Buick sedan here.

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1955 Buick TV promo

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