1962 Pontiac Catalina, etc.

Rich is a Pontiac Catalina aficionado, he owns four Ponchos’; he’s  is the original owner of a red one. This aquamarine car is only one that’s not red. When I first saw Rich, he wasn’t by his car.

It was getting dark at Lombard when I saw him with a red Catalina convertible, and he told me liked them because they were 8 inches shorter than the Bonneville.

This aquamarine 1962 Pontiac Catalina Sports Coupe is very close to original (the front seat covers and door panels had to be replaced, the rear upholstery is original). Rich bought this car in 1982 and it sat until 2004. When he found it, it was in a garage in Westmont that was falling down and onto the car. He just finished this aquamarine automobile in 2012.

It has a 389 with factory Tri-power which cost $ 432.47 (the air conditioning was priced at $ 430.). The Chick-Coker dealership sent this beauty out the door for $ 4,654.88!

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