1933 Chevrolet Street Rod

Glenn bought this ’33 Chevy street rod in 2000 off of eBay because it had a 409 Chevrolet motor. It also has 2 Carter AFB four barrel carburetors. The transmission is a GN 700R which couples with a Ford drive shaft and 9 inch posi-traction rear end. The front end is a Mooredrop. The body is ‘channeled’ (the original floor was cut out and the body dropped into the frame by raising the body to frame mounting brackets). The original top was canvas not metal because the technology available in 1933 couldn’t form the current roof line. Hot rodders bent sheet metal when they stared souping up these machines in the ’50s.

Glenn was one of the three spearheads who started the terrific Lombard Cruise Night. I have photos of this hot rod from Lombard, Wood Dale, Westchester, Bensenville and Downers Grove.

At a St Charles show, a sexy punk rocker came up to admire Glenn’s car. She meandered about and came back with an older fellow. Then they asked if they could shoot
photos of the girl with the Chevy as a backdrop. The pay wasn’t enough to cover the cost of gas (this is not an economy car!). The picture and album cover never happened.

An elderly couple (80s) looked over he very first the car at they very first Lombard show and could figure uout what kind of car this was even though they have been youngsters who saw these ‘cruising’  the streets of Chicago.

Listen to The Beach Boys, 409

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