1951 Pontiac Chieftan Convertible

Frank has owned this 1951 Pontiac Chieftan Eight since 2011, which is when I first saw it. I photographed it at Westchester, Lombard and Wood Dale (so far).  The serial numbers match on all parts so stamped and it’s number 11 of this Pontiac model made for the 1951 model year. It has a ‘straight eight’ cylinder engine, 268.4 cubic inches producing 118 horsepower. It has one of the first Hydramatic transmissions made by General Motors. The front license plate is a chromed  polished aluminum 1951 Illinois plate.

This Chieftan was restored about 2000.

This car is an intriguing subject for my Lytro camera and it helps when the top is down and it has a light colored interior. Click on objects with your mouse in the foreground or background of the images to make that pop into focus; and there are a number of conventional pictures below.



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