1977 Chevrolet Corvette

My story car for this event (Car show at Lyons on 6-16-13) is a 1977 Corvette ‘Original Owner Again‘. As I was about to leave, a fellow said hi and I recognized him as an instructor from the college where I took all my photo classes. I saw his sign and found much more about the car …

_DSC4721Frank bought this car new in 1977 but sold it in 1978. He kept the sticker (which shows the serial number). Twenty years later he wanted it back; this was the dark ages of car buying before all the Internet resources. He tracked ‘his vette’ to Texas but when he called it had just been sold the previous week. The seller helped him contact the buyer who was willing to part with it for $ 500 over his purchase price. Frank’s buddy Jimmy ran a body shop and he did the hood pinstripes on Frank’s orange ’75 Corvette; Jimmy got ill and passed away but Frank fabricated the ’75 hood (with new fasteners) so he could keep Jimmy’s pinstripes on his ‘original’ Corvette. The motor is from a 2004 wrecked Corvette and the trans is a six speed. This car has been up to 137 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah (he had to keep it under 140 or the car would’ve needed a roll cage !).

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