1965 Mercury Comet *

Joe's Mercury Cyclone Comet

Joe’s Mercury Cyclone Comet

Joe has a few show cars but since he owned a Comet at age 18, this is his favorite. The dealer told him to ‘break it in the way you will drive it’ and Joe did! The rear tires lasted only 4,000 miles; because his ‘lit them up’.

His brother knew that and found this car as a hulk in Alabama four years ago. Joe said, ‘you got $ 1,200 so you can stash it until I can pick it up?’. The car had been sitting but it did start so Joe could drive it onto a trailer. the motor was a 289 but Joe dropped in a 302 (actually a ‘347 stroker‘) and redid the drive train, interior and paint to wind up with a hot machine.He spent the better part of the intervening years ‘finishing’ the car.

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