1956 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Sedan

Picture of Geno's 98 Starfire

Picture of Geno’s 98 Starfire

Geno's 98 at Lombard

Geno’s 98 at Lombard

When I first saw this beauty, I was awed as I thought it was the first family car I could recall, although mother’s Olds was a black four door (turns out it was a 1958 model). Nevertheless I do like this car very much and I finally asked Geno about his car last night. He’s had this 98 for thirty one years and previously had a black 1957 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire just like Jim’s ’57.

The car is ‘loaded’ and immaculate and ‘unrestored’. Options include power brakes, power steering, power seats; power antenna and ‘autronic eye’ which is a device that detects oncoming cars at night and dims the high beams (not the indie rock quartet from Portland, Or.). There’s an electric clock and a super deluxe radio with a foot switch. A very rare option is factory air conditioning.

He drive this car many miles and has traveled to Colorado (about 2002), Pennsylvania (about 2008), New York (2009) and to Lansing, Michigan in July 1997 for the 100th Anniversary of Oldsmobile.


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