1956 Ford ‘Country Sedan’ Station Wagon

Don  (of Oak Park, Illinois) bought this 1956 Ford Country Sedan in Michigan in 1982. It has many (necessary) upgrades as he drives it a lot. In 2003 he found a Shasta Travel Trailer and restored it to match the the vehicle. Photo in the page header is courtesy of Don.

He belongs to the ‘Tin can Tourist’ travel trailer club and six years ago (2006) he drove in a caravan on Route 40 through 6 states from Cumbereland, Md. to Vadalia, Il. Upon his return, the 292 engine died, but he dropped in a 312 and has ‘been a happy camper’ ever since.

His Dad used to put Park and travel site decals on the car and trailer windows but most of the ones on the stickers on this wagon are ‘for show’.

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