1957 Ford Thunderbird

An interesting car story from the show comes from Andrea of Joliet, owner of a red 1957 Ford Thunderbird. She’s had the car 12 years and has driven over 160,000 miles in it and visited over 38 states West of the Eastern seaboard with the T-bird. The odometer has over 200,000 but it’s ‘spun’ past 99,999 miles twice and is at 200; Andrea certainly feels cars should be driven.

There’s a magnetic map of the United States on the rear view mirror with a rhinestone marker placed on each state where she’s traveled with the car. It has a custom grill, AM/FM radio with enhanced speakers. and a 60/40 (power driver’s) seat.

Watch a ’57 Thunderbird TV commercial and scroll down (or jump) to my still images of this red ‘bird’.

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