1974 Formula Firebird 455

This car is a 1974 Formula Firebird 455 in Regatta blue with only 34,xxx miles. The vehicle is original and unrestored except for one paint job 15 years ago and a few items to make it driveable, although Phil drives his Formula just to shows. The numbers match on the drivetrain down to the carburetor and it’s 99% original under the hood.The stripe is correct for Formula Firebirds. The ram air scoops on the hood are functional and they direct cool air into the carb to add 30 horsepower.

The thorough car diary shows the original owner was Frank Carter, owner of Thompson Pontiac in Ohio. The car sat mostly covered from 1974 to 1998 when Frank passed away and his daughter sold it.

Phil had the same color car (1976 model) in high school but it was stolen. About 2007 he bought this Formula 455 beauty.

Phil just sent me a message saying his car received attention in a National Magazine; look here.





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